Energy Efficient
Consumption is only about 38% compared to traditional lights which means 62% saving in energy consumption.
Longer Lifespan
50,000 hours against 15,000 hours of High Pressure Sodium(HPS) & Metal Halide; 8,000 hours of Compact Flourescent Lamp(CFL).
Environment friendly
Co2 emmision is only 45% of the above mentioned products. It has no lead, mercury, or harmful chemicals.
Low Maintenance Cost
It is practically trouble free and life span is about 14 years.
Better Light Distribution
More uniform distribution of light across the target area, no light pollution.
No Glare or Strobe Effect
LED light sources do not produce glare or strobe effects common in conventional street lighting, reducing visual fatique for drivers and pedestrians.
Instant Start
Unlike the others, LED do not require a time delay to reach optimum brightness.
High Color Index
LED has a unique color index providing bright, true colors during night time.

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