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Our Story

"“Profitability thru customer satisfaction” "

Kassel Ventures Philippines, Inc. (KVPI) is a 100% Filipino company formed on April 6, 1998 by a team of professional managers from Dutch multinational Philips Electronics & Lighting, Inc. Alan L. Lee, former General Manager and 30-year veteran of the Consumer Products Division of Philips Philippines, spearheaded the entire-start up process that encompassed product sourcing and selection, quality assurance testing, importation, packaging and label design, marketing, distribution, sales, trade relations & after-sales servicing. Thus was born the KASSEL brand of consumer electronics & home appliances.

Trained by a global company that is known to put value on high-quality products and excellent customer care & knowing that a satisfied customer is key to business success, KVPI only marketed products that provided the best value to its customers. “Profitability thru customer satisfaction” has become KVPI’s business philosophy through the years.

Having come from a renowned lighting company and desiring to be an active supporter of the movement against global warming, KVPI started its LED lighting business in 2010. Once again, the team’s extensive training in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) enabled KVPI to directly source quality LED lighting fixtures from the best and most progressive manufacturers in China that adheres to international standards of quality. From this pool of ISO-certified and professionally-run suppliers, KVPI is able to offer its customers a broad range of quality LED indoor, outdoor, waterproof, submersible, explosion-proof and other specialty lighting products under its own exclusive LED brand – BrightLux.

Going on 10 years now, BrightLux LED lights have earned the approval and patronage of Class A clients from both the private companies (malls, convention halls, hotels, high-rise buildings, etc…) and government institutions/ LGU’s. KVPI will continue pursuing its mission of providing Filipinos with energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly lighting products and consumer durables. And, heeding the call to support the move towards renewable energy, KVPI will soon be offering solar energy systems /products that will bring significant environmental & financial benefits to our homes and communities.


Provide commercial, industrial, and residential customers with energy-efficient, environmentally friendly lighting products, consumer durables and renewable energy sourced from a select group of suppliers that adheres to international standards of quality


We will strive to become a major player in the field of eco-friendly lighting & consumer durables as we actively help in the fight against global warming

Business Philosophy

“Profitability through customer satisfaction”

Our Promise

High quality products, Good value for money Excellent customer care